Zac Lefebvre

personal trainer

Education:Master Trainer’s Course - ISSA

Zac Lefebvre


I am the owner and operator of The Apex Pursuit Personal Training. A little background about myself. I grew up in Victor NY where I was a 3 sport athlete my whole life. Around junior year of high school, I decided to put all my eggs into one basket and focus directly on education and football. I worked hard enough and received a full division 1 scholarship to play Tight End at the University at Buffalo. I played 5 years for the University at Buffalo accomplishing two bowl game wins and two trips to the conference championship game. I also received my Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services with a minor in Nutrition. After my 5 years at Buffalo, I transferred schools for my final year of eligibility to Western Kentucky University. After my time at Buffalo and Kentucky, I truly found my calling and passion in life. This being overall health, fitness and the ability to pull others along with me. I decided I wanted this passion to become my profession. In the summer of 2021, after my schooling had ended, I furthered my fitness and health background by successfully completing the Master Trainer’s course through ISSA where I have specialized backgrounds in Personal Training, Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and Coaching. I made the decision to put this knowledge to the test and enter a self-body transformation challenge. I successfully lost 40 pounds in a matter of 3 months and was in the best shape of my life. I was able to achieve single-digit body fat percentages and truly be happy and proud of the package I worked so hard for. In the fall of 2021, it was time to put all my hard work and education to use, and open up my own business, thus entering The Apex Pursuit. My mission statement was quite simple, I wanted to spread the passion, love and mental/physical growth, and clarity I experienced to others around me. See fitness is more than just about getting in shape and looking good. It teaches you discipline, consistency, time management, and mental toughness which are all factors that can work their way into and excel in any aspect of your life. So as much as it is about training your body to get into shape, it can train your mind just as hard. All these growth factors whether they were physical or mental have all helped me grow and mature into the man I have become today, which I can honestly say I am proud to represent. Health and wellness is a lifestyle that can catapult and rub off into almost every aspect of your life for the better, allow me to help produce your APEX lifestyle today. TAP IN!

Thank you,

Coach Zac